Acute & Mental Health Recovery: Turning Innovation into Action

15th & 16th July, 2021

9am – 5pm, London


Join us  in leading true recovery initiatives for Acute Care and Mental Health.

Future-Forward Strategies

Turn insights into developments, that you can use to future-proof Acute and Mental Health Care recovery strategies.

Actionable Solutions

Implement practical and actionable solutions into your workplace environment, with a strong focus on Acute and Mental Health recovery solutions and strategies.

New Connections

Forge connections with new business contacts, industry connections and friends that will inspire you with their solutions, experiences and current recovery strategies.

Invaluable Experience

Gain a new understanding of what  works and doesn’t work, drawing on the experiences of influential and experienced leaders who are setting the benchmark for innovative strategies for the road to recovery.

Acute & Mental Health Recovery: Turning Innovation into Action.

Encouraging collaboration, purpose and forward-thinking strategies for true Acute Care and Mental Health recovery.

The Acute Care and Mental Health Recovery summit is an outstanding opportunity for leaders across healthcare to engage in whole-system collaboration in recovery initiatives. Our attendees will jointly lead and develop the key approaches that will ultimately restore valuable acute care and mental health services across the NHS.

Join us and gain the insights, contacts and community you need to support transformation, strategic and operational recovery decisions.

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Organisations in Attendance

Collaborate with health leaders to inspire acute care and mental health recovery

The Acute Care and Mental Health: Turning Innovation into Action summit is the melting point for insight and inspiration. We will be joined by healthcare colleagues, from C-Suite to line managers and next-generation leadership teams. We invite you to take part in this opportunity and join the conversation on spearheading recovery.

The agenda

Two day sessions curated to you and your organisation in developing future-forward recovery strategies. Featuring leaders from the NHS and Healthcare, keynote sessions and networking initiatives, the Acute Care and Mental Health Recovery: Turning Innovation into Action summit provides you with the insights you need to support healthcare recovery.

Friday 18th June

Host / speakers revealed May 10th



Revealed by May 10th

09:00 – 09:15

09:00 | Onboarding

Introductory speech, meet & greet, and registration for participants.

09:15 – 10:00

09:15 | Speech: The Future of Data with SPEAKER

SPEAKER discusses industry trends, insights and tools to inform your data strategies for the future.

09:50 | Break

10:00 – 11:00

10:00 | Speech: Data Leadership with SPEAKER

SPEAKER discusses their own experiences within Data Analytics.

10:50 | Break

11:10 – 12:10

11:10 | Seminar: Big Data & Positive Change

SPEAKERS lead sessions on how you can build D&A strategy to make a good impact on sustainability and pandemic recovery.

12:00 | Break

12:10 – 14:00

12:10 | Panel Discussion: Machine Learning and Data with SPEAKERS

SPEAKERS discuss sources and Machine Learning solutions for our current Big Data challenges.

13:00 | Networking Lunch: Data Learning in Real-Time

Lunch and learn event for real-time data uses and applications in various industries.

14:10 – 15:10

14:10 | Speed Networking Event

Multiple rounds, lasting around 5-7 minutes each, in which attendees can introduce their businesses and find new partnerships within the Datax21 community.

15:00 | Break

15:10 – 16:10

15:10 | Quickfire Questions

Attendees find a partner (anyone in the room) and give them 1 minute to fire off questions. To make it easier, sample questions regarding industry trends will appear on a screen in the area.

16:00 | Break

16:10 – 17:00

16:10 | Round Up with HOST

Final Q&A, presentations and conclusion speech for the Datax21 summit event.